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Usain Bolt shows off his skills in Borussia Dortmund training

All eyes were on Usain Bolt on Friday as the sprinting legend took full part in Borussia Dortmund training as he continued to enjoy his ‘trial’ with the club. The 100-metre world-record holder has long desired...


Eric Bailly tells Zlatan to ‘f*** offfffff’ on Man United departure

Tributes from Manchester United players poured in for Zlatan Ibrahimovic after he announced his departure from the club on Thursday. While some, like Marcus Rashford, paid tribute to the veteran striker for helping his...


Jose Mourinho’s 12-minute speech was self-pitying claptrap

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address lasted two minutes. Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech lasted 17 minutes. John F Kennedy’s Inauguration Speech lasted 14 minutes. Winston Churchill’s ‘Fight on the Beaches’ speech lasted...